- Pocar™ -
The Pocar is a percutaneous punch that is used to make a circumferential incision prior to infiltration and tissue extraction. It is designed to maintain a tight seal while minimizing scarring. (one size)
- Anaerobic Transfer™ -
Anaerobic transfers are used to prepare and transfer extracted tissue for fat re-injection. Our newly redesigned 60cc anaerobic transfer can also act as its own syringe stand keeping your syringe upright and at the ready.
Sizes: 60cc to SuperLuer • 35cc to SuperLuer • 60cc to 60cc • SuperLuer to SuperLuer
- Power Adapter™ -
The Tulip Power Adapter modifies the syringe barrel for use with a liposuction aspirating machine.
NEW! We now offer Power Adapters for 10cc and 20cc BD syringes.
- Johnnie Lok™ -
The unique, light-weight Johnnie Lok slips onto the collar of the syringe barrel. The plunger is drawn back to the desired cc for precision measurement on the syringe. Then, with a small twist, teeth on the lock bite into the plunger flanges and lock the plunger securely to the barrel holding the liposuction syringe under vacuum for precision fat extraction.
NEW! We now offer Johnnie Locks for 10cc and 20cc BD syringes.
- Snap Loks™ -
These syringe snap locks fit into the plunger flanges of the liposuction syringe. When the plunger is pulled out the lock snaps open on the barrel lip holding the liposuction syringe under vacuum for cell friendly fat extraction.
- Tulip Power Handles™ -
Tulip Cannulas can be attached to our lightweight polymer power handles designed for machine liposuction. This perfectly balanced handle combined with our cell friendly cannula allows for fine liposculpting and soft tissue enhancement. The friction hub grip allows you to quickly change to different cannulas during your liposuction procedure. No need to stop and detach the hose and handle, just switch up your sculpting cannulas with a quick twist off and on.
- Power Injector Gun™ -
The Power Injector allows the surgeon to re inject soft tissue through large or small diameter injectors with very little effort and maximum control. The Power Injector Gun comes in 2 models.

PI 10/12/20 - 10cc, 12cc, 20cc Tulip syringes.
PI 35/60 - 35cc and 60cc Tulip syringes.
- Tulip Syringes -
We offer a full line of syringes for use with our liposuction canulas, micro fat injectors, Anaerobic transfers and the rest of our accessories for fat transfer procedures and liposculpting surgery.
A. 60cc Toomey Monoject Syringe - box of 20
B. 60cc Luer Monoject Syringe - box of 20
C. 35cc Catheter Monoject Syringe - box of 30
D. 35cc Luer Monoject Syringe - box of 30
E. 20cc Luer Monoject Syringe - box of 50
F. 20cc Luer BD Syringe - box of 40
G. 12cc Luer Monoject Syringe - box of 80
H. 10cc Luer BD Syringe - box of 100
I. 10cc Oral Medication Monoject Syringe (non-sterile) - box of 100
J. 3cc Luer Monoject Syringe - box of 100
K. 1cc Luer BD Polycarbonate Syringe - box of 100
- The Syringe Stand™ -
The ideal syringe stand for decanting extracted tissue. Use with syringes equipped with anaerobic transfers. (Syringe-specific sizes, autoclavable)
The small caliber stand is for syringes 10cc and under.
The large caliber stand is for syringes 12cc to 60cc.
Please choose small or large caliber when ordering.
- Tulip Autoclave Trays™ -
These lightweight, autoclave trays are constructed from strong, durable Lexan. Cannula–stabilizing, flexible inserts or fingered mats keep liposuction instrument sets organized during autoclave sterilization.

• Extra Small Micro Cannula
  (7.25 x 4 x 1.5 inches)(18.4 x 10.16 x 3.81cm)
• Small Facial (10 x 6 x 1.5 inches) (25.4 x 15.24 x 3.81 cm)
• Large Body and Facial
  (18 x 6.5 x 3.25 inches) (45.72 x 15.88 x 8.26 cm)

Please choose Mats or Inserts when ordering.
- Chin Upps™ -
The Number One Choice of Patients

• Comfortable fit does not obstruct ears
• Easy one–step application
• Smooth, soft lycra under-chin compression panel
• One size fits most patients
• High quality fabric maintains elasticity
• Latex free
• Use after submental liposculpture and face lifts