Inferior Turbinates
Radiofrequency volume reduction (RaVoR™) of the Inferior Turbinates: Help your patients get rid of velar snoring on an out-patient basis: It is simple, and no specific follow-up treatment is required.  
Autoclavable and re-usable
Sutter bipolar RaVoR™ probes are very cost-efficient. The probes can be cleaned and autoclaved, just like conventional surgical instruments.
Instrument’s shape follows the anatomy

The shape of Sutter RaVoR™ probes always follows the anatomy, thus allowing easy access to the application site, giving excellent view and perfect control over the instrument .

Perfect lesions
Sutter RaVoR™ probes make oval-shaped, long lesions possible. Both shape and size allow treating a bigger area, while protecting bony structures as well as mucosa. Lesion always perfectly fit patient’s anatomy.
Protecting mucosa
A very thin insulating layer, which is placed under the mucosa, protects the surface from thermal damage. This unique technology helps both to reduce postoperative pain and to make healing process fast and gentle.
RaVoR™ of the Inferior Turbinates
The Radiofrequency Volume Reduction (RaVoR™) of inferior turbinates is performed for a variety of indications.

It has become the standard treatment option in sleep surgery, i.e. to treat habitual snoring, mild sleep apnea and to increase both comfort and compliance of CPAP treatment. Moreover, it can be beneficial to improve nasal breathing, even together with a septum correction, or to treat symptoms of rhinitis.
This minimally invasive method, which protects the mucosa from being coagulated and destroyed and thus preserves its function, is performed under local anesthesia.

RaVoR™ can easily be combined with other treatments. Autoclavable probes are highly cost-effective and allow RaVoR™ to be both a stand-alone and an auxiliary treatment.
Correctly placed RaVoR™ electrode. Complete insertion of the thin insulation protects the mucosa from surface lesions.   Puncture sites for the application of radiofrequency energy in the inferior turbinate