Monopolar electrodes by Sutter come in the most important shapes and are available as needle, loop, spatula, and ball electrodes. Short and long versions of these models are available. All Sutter electrodes are reusable, machine-washable up to 95 °C and autoclavable.  
MICRO-DISSECTION PROBES FOR VERY FINE AND EXCEPTIONALLY PRECISE CUTS. Ultra-sharp tip for clean and precise dissection of tissue. Heat-resistant alloy maintains tip sharpness. High-performance insulation prevents unwanted tissue trauma.
What is ARROWtip™?
ARROWtip™ electrodes are micro-dissection probes for very fine and exceptionally precise cuts. ARROWtip™ electrodes are made of tungsten, an ultra-hard and heat-resistant (melting point 4000 °C) material. Thanks to these qualities, it is possible to manufacture very thin and fine-sized tips with excellent thermal qualities (high current density) giving excellent cutting results at a low power setting.
What are the advantages of ARROWtip™ electrodes?
The high current density makes it possible to achieve best results at a particularly low power setting of only three to eight watts! Due to the low power setting the risk involved is considerably lower, even when the probes are used for the head and neck. There is also less lateral heat dissipation, thus no charring of tissue, resulting in improved and faster healing and possibly smaller scars.
Why not use other instruments for cutting?
When using the ARROWtip™ for cutting, there is no drag as there is with a scalpel. The probe literally slides through tissue. Thus it is much easier to guide and control lesions with the ARROWtip™ probe than with other cutting instruments, and it is also easier to dissect tissue layer by layer. Moreover, cutting and hemostasis conveniently coincide in electrical cutting.
Most precise cuts with ARROWtip™ electrodes   Reduced-bleeding excision of papilloma with ARROWtip™