Larynx & Epistaxis
Bipolar coagulation electrodes by Sutter are a real alternative to forceps or monopolar electrodes in ENT. Bipolar coagulation electrodes combine the safety of bipolar technology with the slim design of monopolar ball electrodes, for example.
Bipolar technology is now available. Even for narrow spaces and when the use of bipolar forceps is difficult. The bipolar electrodes by Sutter guarantee excellent hemostasis, often at a low power output. Since they are slim enough to be used alongside an endoscope under restricted anatomical conditions, visual control during the application is possible. With their atraumatic tips, they cannot cause injuries when they are inserted. Theyare a safe and elegant alternative. The use under endoscopic supervision reduces patient trauma as undesired thermal damage of surrounding tissue can be prevented. These advantages lead to less postoperative pain and speed up the healing process.

There are special bipolar electrodes available for different applications in ENT, e. g. epistaxis, larynx or adenoidectomy. All instruments have an anatomical shape. The electrodes are autoclavable and reusable.
Bipolar Electrodes for Larynx & Epistaxis
Rigid bipolar electrodes are well suited to achieve excellent hemostasis results through compression, and, in the case of certain models, to lead to tissue volume reduction by insertion.
There are special bipolar electrodes available for different applications in ENT as well as for hemostasis in tonsillectomy and epistaxis.
Anatomical shape
The probes have been shaped anatomically to offer good access to the application site. Thus surgical vision and control are excellent and make the overall application safe.
Slim Design
The slim design of the electrodes makes it possible to use them under narrow anatomical conditions together with an endoscope.
Atraumatic Tips
Atraumatic, rounded tips prevent injuries during insertion of the instrument. The surgeon can turn his attention fully to the navigation of the instrument.
Bipolar Technology
In bipolar technology the flow of electrical current is limited to the space between the tips, which will usually be under the surgeon’s direct visual control.
No Patient-Plate
The application does not require time-consuming preparations, such as attaching a patient-plate. This is clearly an advantage when there is no time to spare, e. g. during epistaxis.
Autoclavable and reusable
Just like other accessories by Sutter, the bipolar electrodes are reusable and autoclavable.