- L2S09 -
Model Name is L2S09 (Portable LED Light System),
and adopted the stylish Design & the New convenient function.

  Lamp Type   High power LED (White color)
  Weight   Control unit  : 40 g
  Battery pack : 126 g

  LED Lens Module
Model LLM0982 LLM0974 LLM0966
Weight 35.1 g 32.8 g 34.2 g
  where, LLM0982 is the standard model.
   Operating Time   18hr @1st step
  9hr @2nd step
  7hr @3rd step
  5hr @4th step
  Brightness(lux) @WD400mm
Step LLM0982 LLM0974 LLM0966
1st 9,000 10,000 14,000
2nd 16,000 19,000 26,000
3rd 20,000 23,000 32,000
4th 24,000 28,000 38,000
   Illumination diameter
Model LLM0982 LLM0974 LLM0966
Dia. Ø 82mm Ø 74mm Ø 66mm
  Electric charging time   5hr
  Optional Accessory   Headband
  Anti-curing Filter *
Anti-curing filter (P/N:LF08-1) utilizes to prevent a hardening process (polymerization) of light
  cured composite resin in dental treatment.
- The Necessity of Headlight System -
Getting images through eyes is done by the combination between lens-like characteristics of eyes, and functions of cones as sensor. The iris of eyes shrinks when bright, optimizing the les-like features of eyes.
Cones, which perceives the color and shape of objects, functions under the condition of certain level of brightness. Therefore, using appropriate lighting equipments is desirable for health, accuracy, and efficiency when working longtime on small objects. The color of the lightings are used differently in
different situations, but most medical fields take serious account of color rendering.
Color rendering is the measurement of how much an object shows its original color under sunlight. This is the most familiar form of light because human eyes have been evolved so that they would interpret the colors based on sunlight.
Distribution of Photorecepters
- Features of LED Light System -
1. L2S is brightest among the existing LED headlight systems. 
2. L2S has the power consumption of 2watt comparing to other products with 3 watt.
3. The illumination area is large and the brightness is uniform.
4. The illumination and sight is at same direction without any shadow.

5. L2S can be attached to headband, surgical telescopes (TTL, Flip-Up) and any glasses easily. It is light weight.  
6. By applying a fixed circuit voltage and current, there is no degradation of brightness during its working. 
7. The remaining battery power can be checked by lamp and beeping before 15 minutes of blocking electrical power.
8. The cable that connects between light source and battery charger is long enough to charge and use simultaneously even
   if the battery is discharged.
9. L2S09's battery pack is normally charged for 3 hours and it can work for 5hours (4th mode) at least and up to 18 hours
  (1st mode).
10. Battery can work for 300 time recharge and discharge at least (typically 500 times) and the LED life is above 100,000
  hours according to makers.