A. 특징
  • HAND-Held Design 으로 휴대 간편
  • LCD 창으로 확인후 출력가능
  • Waveform 및 Numerical data
  • 2Mhz Fetal Probe 사용으로 Fetal heat rate 측정
  • USB Computer interface
  • Optional PPG & PV Prove

B. 적용
  • Peripheral vascular procedures
  • Determination and monitoring of fetal heart rate
  • Venous reflux assessment (PPG)
  • Maximum Venous Outflow (PV)
  • Blood pressure segmental studies
  • Penile & digit systolic pressures
  • Pedal pulse checks
C. 사양
  Power   Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack or AC adaptor
  Full charge life   2.5 hours or more
  Auto-shut-off   5 min. with no signal
  Speaker   70 mm diam
  LCD display   128 x 64 dots, STN LCD
  Dimensions   92(W) x 210(D) x 60(H) mm
  Weight   Approx. 560 g (including probe)
  External outputs   Headset, USB & PS-2

- Bi-directional Doppler with waveform LCD & fast printer
- 30 waveform memory & USB port for Smart-V-Link
- Optional PPG & Pneumo porbes, external keyboard
- Fetal heart rate monitoring when used with 2MHz probe
D. Probe Selection
 1) Standard for Clinics
 2) Pencil for Surgeries
NEURO Vascular
 1) NRP-H
 2) Amplifier
 Standard for Clinic
E. Display Samples
F. Option