A. 특징
  • Hand-Held design으로 휴대 간편.
  • Great sensitivity로 사운드가 깨끗함.
  • 다양한 probe 선택가능.
    - Fetal 2MHz
    - Standard 4MHz, 5MHz, 8MHz
    - Op probe(소득가능) 4MHz, 8MHz
  • Battery 사용(A9Volt)
  • Electrocardio graph 와 연결하여 출력가능.

B. 적용
  • Peripheral vascular procedure
  • Blood pressure segmental studies
  • Venous compressions
  • Penile & Digit systolic pressures
  • Fetal heart rate
  • Flow detection in reovery room
C. 사양
  Power   a 9 volt alkaline battery
  Battery life   3 hours or more
  Auto-shut-off   3 min. with no signal
  Probe button   Power ON/OFF
  Speaker   50 mm diam
  Dimensions   78(W) x 141(D) x 27(H) mm
  Weight   Approx. 240g (including battery & probe)
  External output   Headset

- Pocket Doppler with 40% improved great sounds
- For Vascular & Fetal
- Convenient probe activation button & volume control
D. Probe Selection
 1) Standard for Clinics
 2) Pencil for Surgeries
 3) Flat for Monitoring
 1) Standard for Clinic
 2) Flat for Monitoring