A. 특징
  • Hand-hold design으로 휴대간편.
  • Gveat Sensitivity로 사운드가 깨끗함.
  • 다양한 Probe 선택가능.
    - Fetal 2MHz (Heart rate 측정)
    - Standard 4MHz, 5MHz, 8MHz
    - Op probe (소독가능) 4MHz, 8MHz
  • Battery사용 (A 9vollt)
  • LCD창에Wave및 Dipit으로 Blood Velocity출력.
  • PPG probe 장착으로 Pheriperal혈관 Pressure측정가능(옵션)
  • Smart, v, link Software연결 PC에서 작업가능,저장,출력가능

B. 적용
  • Peripheral vascular procedure
  • Blood pressure segmental studies
  • Venous compressions
  • Penile & Digit systolic pressures
  • Fetal heart rate
  • Pedal pulse checks
C. 사양
  Power   a 9 volt alkaline battery
  Battery life   2.5 hours or more
  Auto-shut-off   2 min. with no signal
  Probe button   Power ON/OFF
  Speaker   50 mm diam
  LCD display   128 x 64 dots, STN LCD with backlight
  Dimensions   78(W) x 141(D) x 27(H) mm
  Weight   Approx. 280g (including battery & probe)
  External outputs   Headset & USB

- Bi-directional Doppler with backlit waveform LCD
- 30 waveform memory & USB port for Smart-V-Link
- Optional PPG probe
- Fetal heart rate monitoring when used with 2MHz probe
D. Probe Selection
 1) Standard for Clinics
 2) Pencil for Surgeries
 3) Flat for Monitoring
 1) Standard for Clinic
 2) Flat for Monitoring
NEURO Vascular
 1) NRP-H
 2) Amplifier
E. Display Samples